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The Collected Volumes Library is meant to serve as a source of inspiration. It’s where you come if you’re going through a creative block, or you’re looking for something a little more unique in your research. Each item is contributed directly from the source, meaning our collections of things are images and items that our community has seen or accessed in the real world, as opposed to finding them digitally. We then carefully curate and categorize to make sure our collections are effective and useful to artists, designers and creatives!

If you think you have inspiration in your camera roll, sketches in your sketchbook, or a box of treasures in your room that could add to one of our existing collections, OR if you have an idea for a brand new collection, let’s talk!


We also love making books, zines, postcards, stickers, t-shirts, really anything cool and fun.

If you have a cool idea inspired by a collection in our library (or yours) let’s create some work together!

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